Love will always win!

Love will always win!

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The fact that Charles and Alli are separating just kills me. It’s like I can’t even watch the vlogs anymore without tearing up. I’ve always said I wanted a relationship like theirs and to see that they’re going through this just breaks my heart. What makes things worse is he’s been going through so much crap and Alli has always been there for him and this whole situation just sucks. I love you Charles and Alli and I pray that you guys will both continue to be great friends, maybe even try to work things out. Thank you for the memories hopefully we can fix this as the CTFxC…remember…”You & me, we’re CTFxC. Gonna share the interwebs with Charles Trippy & Alli. Don’t forget Zoey & Marley…” 


Once a CTFxCer, always a CTFxCer.

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When i found out that Charles and Alli Trippy are separating….. Any CTFxCers want a hug?


This person has been my example of how you should live your life doing the things that you like, giving love to the people around you and how life has it ups and downs.

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